A high-performance solution
for extreme protection

Innovative textile

Our technology meets the most advanced needs

Diagram of Karapace® technology explaining how the fibres and filaments are woven into the fabric

Our patented technology ensures high resistance and extreme performances thanks to a weave combining aramid fibers with coated para-aramid filaments.

3D zoom of the fibres making up Karapace® fabric

KARAPACE® enables to build and adapt the different textile zones to meet the constraints of the production and safety professions.

Karapace® fabric resistant to torch flames

KARAPACE® is a 100% Aramid technology resistant to the most extreme heat and flames.

Firefighter in front emerging from the flames wearing Karapace® fabric

With KARAPACE®, the yarns are individually coated to facilitate the breathability of the textile



Protect your life

Karapace is engineered to become your bodyguard, combining protection,
resistance and ergonomy. A must have for high-risk professions