Combining innovation
and commitment

a state of mind

We look at barriers as access points to new destinations.

Every situation, every sport, every partner, every product development, leads us to positively explore the world in order to go beyond conventions, off the beaten track, with the willingness to take risks and achieve maximum performance.

development an evidence

Manufactured in our Group’s factories in Auvergne Rhône Alpes, KARAPACE® textile is 100% Made in France.

We are committed to an active approach with concrete actions to preserve the environment:

Eco-design of products
Range of products based on recycled materials
Waste reprocessing and recovery
Reduction of CO2 emissions
Development of renewable energies

a philosophy

Guaranteeing excellence through industrial mastery and continuous innovation is the motto of the Chamatex Group, creator of the KARAPACE® brand.

4 industrials sites

120 employees

10 million m2 of textiles produced each year